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Apr 2010
Bernie Interview Q1: How do you bring together the poles of spirituality and activism?

Questions by Christa Spannbaur Recorded at Rowe Conference Center by Ari Pliskin 1) You’re one of the most important Buddhist pioneers in bridging the gap between spirituality and social activism, a gap which is still very wide in the Western world. Many people on the spiritual path are convinced that they do enough for the betterment of the world by sitting on their meditation-cushions searching for their inner peace. Because of that, many socially and politically engaged people are very suspicious of spiritual people and think of them as being egocentric and......

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April 02, 2010

Bearing Witness: Buddhist Activism

During the month of April, we invite you to join us exploring Buddhist activism. This month’s issue of Bearing Witness Newsletter features peace, environmental and criminal justice activism. In the Bearing Witness Blog, we will...