Faith in the Night: the San Francisco Night Ministry

For 57 years, since 1964, the San Francisco Night Ministry has quietly walked the streets of the city in the very late-night hours, offering a ministry of presence, loving attention, and hope to anyone we meet. Please join Rev. Trent Thornley, the Executive Director of the San Francisco Night Ministry, as he shares the mission […]

A few of the things to which we Bear Witness at Auschwitz

A few of the things to which we bear witness at Auschwitz: To what is around us: wires strung tight, lazily looped or snapped upright like fingers pointing skyward—locked towers and the silhouettes of helmet and gun—long muddy pathways that lead to the very end of the world—the lonely columns of standing chimneys in ruins […]

The Labyrinth

In The Labyrinth, Marian takes the audience on a journey through his drawings and art installations. Through the blending of his testimony and the graphic drawings, we explore the memories and nightmares of a man, who like so many others buried experiences deep within. Why would a confrontation with death late in life, trigger the […]

Gate of Sweet Nectar – Hanuman Chalisa

Montague, Massachusetts – May 2010 Krishna Das and Roshi Bernie Glassman talk a little (and sing) about this rendition of a portion of a Buddhist prayer Gate of Sweet Nectar and the Hanuman Chalisa, and how it came together. Full studio recordings of this melody are available on Krishna Das’ Door of Faith and Flow […]

Psychotherapy is My Political Party

It’s 2007, I lived in beautiful Cracow and for two years I have been doing my dream work – I’m a psychotherapist. I have just finished the School of Psychotherapy. I have my patients, an excellent supervisor and friends, also psychotherapists, with whom I am constantly communicating about our work. One day suddenly this thought […]

Living and Taking Action in a Time of Ecological Crisis

A dialogue and workshop for ecologically engaged practitioners with Pat Enkyo O’Hara and David Loy Recorded on Sunday, September 26, 2021 Cosponspored by Peace!makerGemeinschaft Deutschland e.V. The Village Zendo The Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center The Buddist Action Coalition in cooperation with Zen Peacemakers International Climate change and the wider ecological crisis will be with […]