Join in Loving Action, Honoring Bernie’s 49th Day Since his Passing – Saturday, December 22

Dear sangha,

A number of people have asked about what to do to commemorate the 49th day since Bernie’s passing this coming Saturday, December 22.  I really liked an idea that our friend, Andrzej, had, that at a certain time on that day we all do a ceremony honoring Bernie.

Taking into account the many people on different continents that may wish to take part, I suggest 11 am Eastern US time.  Options on what to do at that time:

1. Do a Gate of Sweet Nectar service.

2. Do something smaller. Light a candle and a stick of incense, or else make a food offering, and recite one page from the Gate of Sweet Nectar in which we vow to cook the supreme meal.

3. Do something even smaller. Make a bow or give a stick of incense, and think of Bernie.

Saturday, December 22, would also be a good day to do some service to others: help someone with house work, cook someone a meal, offer a car ride, take care of the elderly, take care of children, help the indigent. In short, help somebody.

I think I can speak for Bernie’s family as well as myself when I warmly thank you for all your emails, phone calls, and offers of love and support that we have received during this time. What a community gathered around him! I’m deeply grateful for the years we had with him and with each other, and I hope we continue to work together honoring his memory and for the good of all beings.

Love, Eve


Zen Peacemakers International will convene a memorial service for our Founder Bernie Glassman. It will be held on Sunday afternoon, February 17th, 2019 at Greyston Foundation in Yonkers, NY USA. More details will be disclosed soon. Attendance is open to the public, we kindly ask participants to RSVP below.



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Join in Loving Action, Honoring Bernie’s 49th Day Since his Passing – Saturday, December 22

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  1. Thank you Eve for your wonderful suggestions, at 11 a.m. EST tomorrow, I will end yoga class with a bow to Bernie and give a stick of incense to our teacher, Carol in Bernie’s honor.

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