Cost Of Membership

ZPO will need to sustain itself and cover the costs of its programs. Financial support is part of the practice field of all members. 

Current ZPI member dues of more than $18.00 per month or $180.00 per year qualify as ZPO membership dues.

Those not current ZPI members are encouraged to become so.

Otherwise ZPO membership dues are $18.00 per month or $180.00 per year.

Additionally, individual and series courses will carry a fee.

(FYI ZCLA just offered a four-part course, 90 minutes each, $15 per class for Members; $25 per class for Non-Members. This feels about right. -GSOK)

Membership and course fees are all subject to ability to pay. Speak with your mentor for adjustments to fees.

(Need more detail here.)

(This page would include the paths detailed previously for those who want to register as prior ZPO members and for those who want to join as a new member. Linked to registration pages.)

ZPO Content

The Art of Appreciative Attention

John Brehm, author of Dharma Talk (Wisdom Publications, 2023) proposes a new way of reading poetry, one where our primary intention is to find greater intimacy with...

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The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul

Even those of us with spiritual practices don’t often connect them to our aging. How do we use the circumstances of age as openings to psychological...

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Mindfulness of Mind-Heart and the Five Conditions

When we project conditioning from our past onto the present, we turn a benign moment into something else. The Five Conditions model is a “user-friendly” version...

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Get Out of Your Head

When we project conditioning from our past onto the present, we turn a benign moment into something else. Understanding the “five conditions” can help us get...

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A Talk with Krishna Das

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Committed Relationships & Peacemaking

please join: Roshis Pat Enkyo O’Hara & Barbara Joshin O’Hara, Roshis Nicolee Jikyo McMahon & Barry Kaigen McMahon, Roshis Gerry Shishin Wick & Ilia Shinko Perez,...

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The Receptivity of Bearing Witness & How we Rekindle it after Shutting Down

As Peacemakers or Buddhists, we face the challenge of dropping our fixed ideas and opinions in order to meet difficult situations freshly, with open hearts. Meanwhile,...

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Bearing Witness to the Beauty of Everyday Objects

Bearing witness to beauty is just as important as bearing witness to suffering. Beauty nurtures love and joy; suffering nurtures compassion and connection. In this hour...

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Gestalt Therapy Healing - Focused on Flight and Migration

Gabriele Blankertz has been working with refugees from Syria since 2015. The lives of people who have lived under a dictatorship and experienced war and flight are characterized...

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Appamāda - Roshi Joan Halifax

A Zen Peacemaker Circle with Roshi Joan Halifax (December 12, 2023)
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Meet the Lotus Institute

Join us as as we meditate with and learn more about The Lotus Institute, an organization that blends Buddhist teachings with science, movement, music, and art. During this...

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Beloved Community

Beloved Community   Into the circle of all beings we have come With sunshine and tree and raven and coyote and deer and rabbit and stars...

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