Cost Of Membership

ZPO will need to sustain itself and cover the costs of its programs. Financial support is part of the practice field of all members. 

Current ZPI member dues of more than $18.00 per month or $180.00 per year qualify as ZPO membership dues.

Those not current ZPI members are encouraged to become so.

Otherwise ZPO membership dues are $18.00 per month or $180.00 per year.

Additionally, individual and series courses will carry a fee.

(FYI ZCLA just offered a four-part course, 90 minutes each, $15 per class for Members; $25 per class for Non-Members. This feels about right. -GSOK)

Membership and course fees are all subject to ability to pay. Speak with your mentor for adjustments to fees.

(Need more detail here.)

(This page would include the paths detailed previously for those who want to register as prior ZPO members and for those who want to join as a new member. Linked to registration pages.)

ZPO Content

Why New Jersey? The Lost Photographs of Henri Cartier-Bresson

In 1975 Peter Cunningham (KuKu) assisted the renowned French photographer Henri Cartier Bresson on a month-long exploration of The State of New Jersey. Peter will be...

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Screen Shot 2023-03-15 at 9.35.55 AM

Małgosia Braunek's "Be" Foundation - Ukraine Update

Dear ZPI Friends Today 1 year passes since the Russian full-scale invasion on Ukraine. As many of you know already on February 27, the first transport...

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Sister Mary 0'Sullivan: Gentle Sound

by Monika Jion Winkelmann   In these three months of November 2022-2023, Sister Mary, the third person so dear to me, has died. Those who met...

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I kept showing up...

by Judith Haran   After staying at home for over two years during the pandemic with only a silent spouse and my cats, I was in...

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AUS 2018 - council

Puja e Lançamento do Livro Instruções ao Cozinheiro

Ensinamentos e acumulações da Prática de Prajnaparamita e Buda da Medicina com Lama Padma Samten, transmitido AO VIVO do CEBB Bacopari (RS) para benefício e cura...

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instructions to the cook book release in brazil

Slow Dancing Is Easy and other ‘Stories in Motion’

Why Did Sarah Bernhardt Sleep in a Coffin? and other ‘stories in motion’ from Ara Fitzgerald’s upcoming book, Slow Dancing Is Easy, Scripts for Solo Performers. A presentation...

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Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 3.38.12 PM

Healing the Scars of History

Healing the Scars of History BY LINDSAY KYTE| FEBRUARY 9, 2023   Retreats are being held at Auschwitz, a former plantation, and a site where Indigenous people were...

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Carving the Divine - Buddhist Sculptors of Japan

– Official One-Minute Trailer Carving the Divine is a documentary film that offers a rare look into a 1400-year-old Buddhist woodcarving tradition and the practitioners struggling...

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Carving the Divine - Main Pic

Mourning the death of my friend Don Singer

Mourning the death of my friend Don Singer by Monika Winkelmann   Don Singer has died! I almost want to say that he died “suddenly and...

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rabbi singer

Living from the Power of the Present

Sensei Gyodo talks about his new project, Tend’s Unbound Program. This program is an ongoing series of interactive sessions designed to create transformative experiences by guiding...

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This Evening Gatha is chanted during a sesshin at the conclusion of each evening sitting. Let me respectfully remind you Life and death are of supreme...

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ken byalin

Opening to Oneness With the Zen Precepts

Oneness with others as well as with ethical precepts frees us from shoulds and should-nots. This enables us to become true peacemakers and not just “fixers” of...

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nancy mujo baker