Cost Of Membership

ZPO will need to sustain itself and cover the costs of its programs. Financial support is part of the practice field of all members. 

Current ZPI member dues of more than $18.00 per month or $180.00 per year qualify as ZPO membership dues.

Those not current ZPI members are encouraged to become so.

Otherwise ZPO membership dues are $18.00 per month or $180.00 per year.

Additionally, individual and series courses will carry a fee.

(FYI ZCLA just offered a four-part course, 90 minutes each, $15 per class for Members; $25 per class for Non-Members. This feels about right. -GSOK)

Membership and course fees are all subject to ability to pay. Speak with your mentor for adjustments to fees.

(Need more detail here.)

(This page would include the paths detailed previously for those who want to register as prior ZPO members and for those who want to join as a new member. Linked to registration pages.)

ZPO Content

Auschwitz Retreat Q&A Session

Since Bernie Glassman, Jishu Holmes, Eve Marko, and Andrezej Krajewski began the annual Bearing Witness Retreat at the old site of the death camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau...

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The Zen of Peacemaking

For Peacemakers, what is the Zen part? The word “Zen” was transliterated through at least three languages from the Pali “jhana”, which means “meditation.” The Zen...

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A Pilgrimage to Rüdesheim

Eine Pilgerfahrt zu Hildegard von Bingen rund um meinen Geburtstag: 13.-15.4.2023 von Monika Winkelmann | 20. Aug 2023 | 0 Kommentare   Die Heilige Hildegard von Bingen – Erste Deutsche Dichterin...

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Pearls of Ash & Awe - Readings from AschePerlen

Pearls of Ash & Awe—AschePerlen is a book that documents 20 Years of Bearing Witness in Auschwitz with Bernie Glassman & Zen Peacemakers. During this event,...

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Everything is Practice

Dharma Talk 24/07/23 – Richard Warner For the Dharma talk this week I wanted to take up a phrase teacher Richard Herps used in his talk...

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Introduction to the Practice of Feeding Your Demons

please join Acharya Karla Jackson-Brewer for this interactive presentation This presentation will provide an introduction to the Feeding Your Demons process, created by Lama Tsultrim Allione. Karla...

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Haiku Poetry: a Bearing Witness Practice

Our founding masters of Japanese haiku often wrote about moments of quiet wonder observed in the natural world that we still find, centuries later, delightfully transcendent....

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Literacy and Justice for All

Literature generously provides us with opportunities to make meaningful connections and expand perspectives – creating mirrors, windows, revolving doors, and bridges. Dr. Rajni Shankar-Brown will illuminate...

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Slow Walking

Camino de Santiago, Astorga, Spain (26.06.2023) On pilgrimage, on walkabout, the destination isn’t really the point. There’s no goal. It’s a conversation with the land, it’s...

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Practice Within Circumstances

Charles Tenshin Fletcher, Roshi will discuss practice and its many forms: Lineage approaches, societal approaches, and the challenges we face today as practitioners living in this...

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Zen Peacemakers Europe - History and Heart

Join us for a panel discussion on how Bernie Glassman’s legacy lives in Europe and has many different facets, from the North to the South, from...

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Fury & Faith

Fury & Faith by Amanda Gorman You will be told this is not a problem, Not your problem. You will be told now is not the time For...

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Amanda Gorman