Re-introducing ZPI Affiliate: Engaged Mindfulness Institute

To strengthen our planetary network, ZPI will feature newly affiliated groups.    

Join us here at  to explore some of the offerings of the organizations affiliated with ZPI.


Re-introducing a long-time ZPI affiliate group:

Engaged Mindfulness Institute

What is your organization’s name?

Engaged Mindfulness Institute (EMI).

What is your mission?

EMI specializes in training those who support individuals in under-served communities. Mindfulness is foundational to all of our trainings. EMI developed, and offers, several mindfulness-based models for intervention. Click HERE to learn more.

Where is your organization based?

The organization is based in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. However, our training locations vary and include online courses.

How many regular members do you serve?   Approximately 1,000.


Tell us a bit about how the group was conceived?

Engaged Mindfulness Institute (EMI), formerly Peacemaker Institute, was founded in 2001 by Fleet Maull and Vita Pires. The Institute delivers trainings developed from a rich tradition of spiritually grounded, contemplative, and mindfulness-based peace and social change work, as well as the latest developments in neuroscience-based leadership training.

Tell us about one exciting project, retreat, or other offerings that you are currently working on.

In addition to the Integral Peacemaker Training, EMI has also offered numerous trainings since 2001 in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Conflict Resolution, Diversity Training, The Way of Council, Fundraising From the Heart, Community Organizing, Non-Violent Direct Action, Group Facilitation, and Community Building. EMI also hosted the renowned Event Training from 2001 to 2012. To learn about the EMI’s upcoming training, click HERE. For more information about upcoming events, click HERE.

How do the Three Tenets inform your social engagement?

EMI has organized and hosted the Auschwitz-Birkenau Bearing Witness Retreats and founded the Rwanda Bearing Witness Retreat and Peace Initiative, offering the first two Rwanda Bearing Witness Retreats in 2010 and 2011. These and other bearing witness retreats are currently being offered through ZPI, in which the EMI cofounder and leader trainer, Fleet Maull, continues to actively participate. EMI has also organized and hosted Street Retreats in Denver, Colorado, and also in Austin Texas in the past.

What is the most meaningful challenge your organization faces?

The pandemic has made gatherings for trainings difficult; however, we continue to offer online courses.

Your main website URL:

Main contact: Vita Pires-Crisp, Executive Director: (413) 489-0573, PO Box 206, South Deerfield, MA 01373.

Vita Pires-Crisp, Ph.D. Candidate, is the cofounder and the Executive Director of EMI. She has also been the Executive Director of Prison Mindfulness since 1999. She is a certified mindfulness teacher MTT 500 and Yoga teacher.
Fleet Maull, Ph.D. is the cofounder of EMI and the lead trainer.
To read more about the EMI Team, click HERE.

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Re-introducing ZPI Affiliate: Engaged Mindfulness Institute

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  1. We are interested in forming a Zen Peacemaker Sangha in Charlotte, NC . We are located on a 28 acre Japanese Stroll and Meditation Garden with a 2200 sf offices and Meditation Hall. We need a leader to come help develop and lead our Sangha. Please let us know if any of your graduates would be interested in expanding the Peace Mission in Charlotte, NC

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