Tiffany’s Recovery Inc: Dharma Outreach Project

To strengthen our planetary network, ZPI will feature newly affiliated groups.

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Introducing a new ZPI affiliate group:


What is your mission?
Build lasting connections with people in recovery from substance abuse addictions. Offer continuous support, resources, and activities needed for every step of recovery. We offer free lifetime membership, access to upcoming sober events and activities, resources for treatment, and social service resources. Dharma Outreach Project teaches disadvantaged people about Buddhist mindfulness techniques and supports people on their spiritual journey.
Where is your organization based?
South Hamilton, Massachusetts
How many regular members do you serve? 1000
May be an image of 1 person
Tell us a bit about how the group was conceived?
Graham Wallis (Sujato Bhikku) was away for a long time. When he came home he was clean, sober, and in recovery. He wanted, more than anything, to connect with people and enjoy the sports and activities that he loved. Sadly, there wasn’t much out there for him, and it was difficult for him to sit in recovery meetings. He did find a few recovery groups that helped him connect with others and be active, but it wasn’t enough for him to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. He felt that he had to go to parties with old friends who were drinking and using just to feel connected to people.
Wallis realized something needed to be done. People in recovery need activities, friends, support groups, and resources readily available, so that they never need to revert back to old friends, places, and habits for human connection. One way to recovery does not work for everyone, so we need to offer options and diversity to those in recovery. Every one of us has something to offer! ​
Tell us about one exciting project, program, retreat or other offering you are currently working on?
The Detox Book Donation Project, where we donate spiritual and self-development books to people in detox.
How do the Three Tenets inform your social engagement?
Being present for both the positive and negative and working toward relieving the suffering of all beings.
What is the most meaningful challenge your organization faces?
The alleviation of suffering for all beings.
Main website URL:
Main contact’s info:
Graham Wallis (Sujato Bhikku), Head of Dharma Outreach for Tiffany’s Recovery Inc:

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Tiffany’s Recovery Inc: Dharma Outreach Project

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