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Eon Zen
Zen teaches that "your life is the life of the buddha." Our community welcomes sincere meditation practitioners who desire to actualize their buddha nature -- their fundamentally awakened nature -- together with others. Eon Zen is a member of the White Plum Asanga, the teaching lineage founded by Taizan Maezumi Roshi in Los Angeles in 1967.
Tell us about one exciting project, program, or other offering you are currently working on.
ZEN FOUNDATIONS is a 12-module self-paced curriculum offered through the online Eon Zen Dharma Community that gives a comprehensive and practical grounding in the experience and principles of the Zen path. The twelve modules, each with their own theme, class videos, readings and practices, are offered freely for study at your own pace.
For more information: info@eonzen.org
Eon Zen -
Boulder, Colorado