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one heart sangha
One Heart Sangha
One Heart Sangha is a community of individuals practicing Zen meditation in the Silver Spring metro area of Maryland. Our community began in 2001 with our founding Teacher, Sensei Rose Mary Dougherty, empowered to teach and transmit the Dharma in the White Plum Zen Soto lineage. We offer Zen practice in-person at our Zendo in Silver Spring, outdoors in Greenbelt, and on Zoom. We offer residential retreats (Sesshins) and monthly Days of Zazen (Zazenkai).
How do the Three Tenets inform your social engagement?
Training with the tenets is a matter of taking a backward step again and again and continually discerning your internal processes in the midst of acknowledging what is happening around you. An effect of ongoing and consistent practice of the Three Tenets is that when you lose your sense of center and fall into reactivity, you also regain your center more quickly. And when you continually perform this practice in the midst of all the activities of your daily life, the practice will be readily accessible to you during the most challenging circumstances. Training with the tenets brings about resiliency of the spiritual muscles and an ever-deepening sense of reality. As life unfolds around you, the Three Tenets are active inside of you, always directing you back to the center.
For more information: information@oneheartsangha.org
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