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one world in dialogue
One World in Dialogue
Our hope is that together we can give rise to a global field of aliveness and relationship that in itself is an activist intervention into the status quo of separation, selfishness, commodification, and suspicion. Moreover, we are aware that people on the ground who are making change need to be connected for soul support and to share innovations.
Tell us a bit about how your group was concieved
One World in Dialogue was created in 2015 by Elizabeth Debold with her partner Thomas Steininger as part of emerge bewusstseinskultur e.V., a German nonprofit educational association. The idea behind OWiD is simple: to develop a living global network of change-makers and activists committed to deep dialogue in order to create new approaches and collaborations that support change. Dialogue holds a unique, emergent potential to take us beyond the boundaries of our selves and what we think we know. Because of this, dialogue connects human beings in fresh and deep relationship. Diversity is held in unity, and a new unity arises from diversity.
Tell us about one exciting project, program, or other offering you are currently working on.
Steininger has spent the last twenty years developing a unique, emergent dialogue process, called emerge dialogue process. Debold has also been involved in developing this work. We want to bring the potential of dialogue where it is needed most: to bring together the precious human brings from around the world who are passionately committed to living in wholeness together with all living things on this Earth.
For more information: info@oneworldindialogue.com
One World in Dialogue -
Frankfort, Germany