Roshi Glassman, Zen Peacemakers Join Chief Looking Horse’s Prayer for Standing Rock

Roshi Glassman, Zen Peacemakers Join Chief Looking Horse's Prayer for Standing Rock


Sage from Cheyenne River reservation burned today at Zen Peacemakers offices. 

MONTAGUE, MASSACHUSETTS, USA. Lakota spiritual leader Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the 19th holder of the sacred white calf woman pipe who has led in Standing Rock and has met with Zen Peacemakers last summer, requested spiritual leaders around the world to join him in offerings to the Bundle, in support of the land, the river, Mni wic’oni, the Native American nations who gathered in Standing Rock to┬átheir defense, as well as in support of the “healing of those who are making these dangerous decisions.ÔÇŁ

At 4pm EST this clear and warm Wednesday, Roshi bernie Glassman, Roshi Eve Marko, head teacher at Green River Zen Center, and Rami Efal, executive director of Zen Peacemakers halted┬átheir work, gathered in a simple ceremony, invoked indigenous people everywhere and particularly in Standing Rock, and dedicated the collected energy of today’s prayers to action that will benefit all.



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