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About Us

At Zen Peacemakers, we stand as a beacon of hope, an interfaith community bound together by our mission: to realize our oneness and relieve suffering through contemplative social action through the practice of our Three Tenets: Not-Knowing, Bearing Witness, and Taking Action. Embracing the rich tapestry of human diversity, we unite souls from varied spiritual paths and traditions, igniting a collective commitment to peace and interconnectedness that transcends all boundaries.

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What We Do

Taking Action

Taking Action: that arises from Not-Knowing and Bearing Witness

The underlying intention is that the action that arises be a caring action, which serves everyone and everything, including yourself, in the whole situation.

Share your project and also find out what is happening in your community.

Bearing Witness Retreats

Our Bearing Witness Retreats rely on our Three Tenets and take place in locations where deep human trauma occurred and where healing is endlessly needed. Our intention is to contribute to the healing of these places with our Retreats. Click below for details on our three Annual Retreats.

The Three Tenets

The Tenets: Not-Knowing, Bearing Witness, and Taking Action lay the foundation for everything we strive to accomplish in our community. To learn more about how we utilize the Three Tenets within our practices click below.

Community Events

At Zen Peacemakers we offer a variety of virtual and in-person events. As part of our community, you will have access to these free events including Peacemaker Circles, Peacemaker Chats, Affiliate events, and more for free.

Core Trainings

As part of our efforts to make Zen Peacemakers accessible and valuable to all, we have recently launched Core Trainings. These trainings encompass knowledge about Council Practice, the Three Tenets, Meditation, our History, and more.

Zen Peacemaker Order

ZPO is dedicated to training those living a life of commitment, aligned with the principles of  Zen Peacemakers and the Three Tenets. To Find out more, click below.

Our Community

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Our Journal

Bearing Witness to the Night

March 2024 Many mornings, as something of a ritual affirming my connection to a Home Place, I log on and connect to a webcam feed

Get Out of Your Head

When we project conditioning from our past onto the present, we turn a benign moment into something else. Understanding the “five conditions” can help us

Beloved Community

Beloved Community   Into the circle of all beings we have come With sunshine and tree and raven and coyote and deer and rabbit and

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