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Dharma of Trees
Serving Peace in a World of Grief
The Dharma of Trees is a free eco-chaplaincy service for those who are seeking support in circumstances of eco-grief.
It is well-know that Buddhism was born amongst the trees.  The historical Buddha, Siddhattha Gotama, was born as his mother leaned against a tree, and he died surrounded by trees.  He sat beneath a bodhi tree to meditate, vowing not to leave until he was awakened.  And, when he attained awakening, he touched his fingers into the soil, calling on the earth as his witness. Dharma of Trees is an affiliate of Zen Peacemakers International.  It emerges from three interconnected programs: the Buddhist Eco-Chaplaincy training at the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies in California, USA; the Socially Engaged Buddhist training at the Upaya Zen Institute in New Mexico, USA; and third, the MOOC, De-Mystifying Mindfulness, which involves Leiden University in The Netherlands and MentalPraxis.com in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. ​Dharma of Trees works in partnership with the Eininji in Brazil, supporting our global forest sangha. Dharma of Trees freely offers in-person services to individuals, families, and communities on Vancouver Island, BC, and it is available for virtual consultations (by Zoom) anywhere in the world.
For more information: info@dharmaoftrees.org
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