Our Founder Bernie Has Passed Away

We announce with great sadness and appreciation that our beloved founder Zen Master Bernie Glassman has passed away early Sunday morning in Massachusetts USA. More details will be disclosed in a later time. Following, countless people around the world have expressed appreciation to his life and his impact on theirs.

In a few hours, the 2018 Zen Peacemakers Auschwitz Birkenau Bearing Witness Retreat will commence. Following the news of Bernie's passing, the retreat staff conducted a memorial service in Krakow. We will hold Bernie and the multitudes he touched, close to our hearts, as we enter the camp tomorrow.

Bernie's body is awaiting cremation at his home in Massachusetts USA until Tuesday morning. All are welcome to arrive for viewing, and pay respect to Eve and family members, (till 11pm Monday and after 8am Tuesday) . A modest memorial service will be held tomorrow Monday at 7:15pm Eastern Time.

Location: 98 Ripley Rd, Montague MA 01351

For any contact or inquiry regarding visitation, please refer to Kate Crisp, Executive Director of Engaged Mindfulness Institute: Kate@prisonmindfulness.org

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Our Founder Bernie Has Passed Away

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