“There is a calling welling up from my heart that demands to be acted on… the urge to be part of the healing force in the world. ”   ~Marja, Canada

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Q: In the past I was a ZPO member. How does that relate to Zen Peacemakers International membership?

A: Zen Peacemakers’ long history has included two main groups of followers: one group of social activists who are inspired by the Three Tenets, and another group of social activists that were were inspired by the Three Tenets and also involved in the Zen Buddhist precepts, study, lineage, ordination and training paths, etc. This latter group was commonly associated with the Zen Peacemaker Order (ZPO). The first group is very large, the second is small.  Zen Peacemakers International was created to include and serve both groups, and the relationship between them is currently under development.

Q: Must I be a Buddhist? Must I meditate?

A: The Three Tenets are a simple way to live and respond. One may adhere to any or no spiritual path at all. There are many ways to access Not Knowing, whether it be via meditation, prayer, chanting, dance, music-playing – any means that brings one into a space of fresh wonder and brisk openness. Throughout the years Christians, Jews, Muslims, and those of other faiths have been counted among the Zen Peacemakers.