ZPO Member Application


Become a member of the Zen Peacemaker Order and join a world-wide community of spiritual practitioners and social activists.


Our members span the globe, from Australia to Brazil, from Sweden to Spain. They are refugee servers from England, Austria, Netherlands and Germany, Ecology advocates from the United States and Canada, Human Rights workers from Israel and interfaith ministers from Belgium and many many more.

When you join the Zen Peacemaker Order, you enter a community that is based on values of awareness, collaboration, communication and creativity. You will join a circle at your region through which you could affect the direction of the Zen Peacemaker Order in that particular region, as well as contribute to your continental and international circle (read more about our governance structure here).

Below is a list of practices that we invite and encourage our members to take on to the degree they wish. It has been found by our members that practices these contribute to the experiences of the value above. These are earnest recommendations and you are not required to complete or report on them:

  1. A willingness to take on The ZPO Rule.
  2. A willingness to do The ZPO Core Practices.
  3. Completion of a ZPO Member Application Form. (See below.)
  4. Payment of the Member Fee of $180.00 annually or $15.00 monthly. (See below.)
  5. Maintaining a healthy relationship with a Steward. Stewards will be assigned to you by your Regional Circle. You can change Stewards if you wish or decide.These stewards will answer your ZPO related questions about these practices and help you develop them.
  6. Take trainings at any ZPO Training Group. See the ZPO Training Group Listing where groups are sorted by location, social action involvement and trainings offered.
  7. Reading and abiding by the ZPO Code of Ethical Conduct 

To become a Steward in the Zen Peacemaker Order you should commit to the above and vow to nurture the ZPO in a formal Installation Ceremony.

I understand that after my registration is complete, a ZPO Steward will contact me to assist me in the process of becoming a ZPO Steward.

ZPO Members  and Stewards receive priority in all ZPO Events.

ZPO Members and Stewards receive 10% discount on all ZPO Events.

Member/Steward Fee and Renewal Fee

Member/Steward First Time Fee $180

Annual Renewal Fee $180

If you would like to make a monthly payment of $15 to cover your membership fee, please use the Subscription button below.

Thank You

The Membership and Steward Fees cover the ZPO Administration costs while most of the monies go into a ZPO Social Action Fund to support social action programs carried out by ZPO Members and Stewards. These funds will be awarded as grants, upon approval by the Social Action Fund Diligence Committee, to ZPO Members and/or Stewards in response to proposals submitted by them.

Application Form