Membership in the Zen Peacemaker Order




The  Zen Peacemaker Order is the Zen Peacemakers’ international community. It consists of spiritual practitioners who follow the Zen Peacemakers’ Three Tenets of Not Knowing, Bearing Witness and Taking Action in an ever-enlarging circle of influence through social action.

Our members span the globe, from Australia to Brazil, from Sweden to Spain. They are refugee servers from England, Austria, Netherlands and Germany, Ecology advocates from the United States and Canada, Human Rights workers from Israel and interfaith ministers from Belgium and many many more.

When you join the Zen Peacemaker Order, you enter a community that is based on values of awareness, collaboration, communication and creativity. From a street retreat in the alleyways of Cologne, through a bearing witness retreat in war-torn valley of Srebrenica, to a sesshin in the Swiss Alps, crossing states and continents, connect with fellow practitioners, study with diverse Zen teachers or engage ministries in other countries — Joining the ZPO you immerse yourself in a global diverse socially engaged spiritual community. 

You are encouraged to visit and study The ZPO RuleThe ZPO Core Practices and abide by the ZPO Code of Ethical Conduct .

Zen Peacemaker Order is a project operated by Zen Peacemakers Inc., 501(c)3 religious non-profit in the US

The ZPO membership fee, either as an annual or monthly payment, is a suggested contribution.
This contribution supports the administration of ZPO International, which in turn offers support, global outreach and point of connection to you and to the circles to which you belong. This move follows the acknowledgment of ZPO being in transition, of the differences in services offered between different regional circles, and of the wish to offer transparency. If you feel inspired or that ZPO has contributed to your life in a meaningful way, you are welcome to establish a monthly contribution or make one-time contribution during our fundraisers. The suggested annual contribution is $180.
ZPO International appreciates your continuous support as we further address the needs and interests of our vibrant community, based on the Three Tenets and social action that in these times of challenge and need inspire many around the world to respond in a radical new way. Thank you for taking part with the grounding of not-knowing, the courage to bear witness and the tenacity to act.