ZPO Candidate Application

The requirements for becoming a Candidate in the Zen Peacemaker Order are:

  1. A willingness to take on The ZPO Rule.
  2. A willingness to do The ZPO Core Practices.
  3. Maintain a healthy relationship with a ZPO sangha, circle and/or study group. (Members can take trainings at any ZPO Training Center. See the ZPO Training Center Listing where groups are sorted by location, social action involvement and trainings offered.)
  4. Submit a completed ZPO Candidate Application Form. (See below.)
  5. Submit the Candidate Application Form and pay the Candidate Fee of $180.00 annually or $15.00 monthly. (See below.)
  6. Do the ZPO Installation Ceremony (they will be scheduled.)

ZPO Candidates receive priority in all ZPO Events.

ZPO Candidates receive 10% discount on all ZPO Events.

Candidate Fee

Candidate Annual Fee $180

If you would like to make a monthly payment of $15 to cover your membership fee, please use the Subscription button below.

Thank You

The Candidate and Membership Fees cover the ZPO Administration costs while most of the monies go into a ZPO Social Action Fund to support social action programs carried out by ZPO Members. These funds will be awarded as grants, upon approval by the Social Action Fund Diligence Committee, to ZPO Members in response to proposals submitted by them.

Application Form


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