Tikkun Interview: THIS IS A CONVERSATION WHICH TOOK PLACE IN TIKKUN’S office in California in May 2008. Sami Awad(SA) is the chair of Holy Land Trust, a not-for-profit Palestinian organization established in 1998 in the holy city of Bethlehem. Michael Lerner (ML) is editor of Tikkun magazine. Tikkun and the Network of Spiritual Progressives have been working with Holy Land Trust to support their campaign for nonviolence.


SA: The Palestinian community in the last three or four years has become more and more aware that engaging in armed resistance has not achieved anything on the strategic level as a pragmatic approach to ending the occupation. More and more Palestinians are seeing that engaging in armed resistance is not doing anything.

ML: I am going to ask a few of the questions that will pop into the minds of people who don’t share Tikkun’s perspective, thus “playing devil’s advocate” in this interview. Here goes: “What do you mean, more people? Didn’t they just vote Hamas into power, and Hamas says that the armed struggle is the way to go forward.” read more

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