I did a blog post a few days ago where you could view Instructions to the Cook at the Culture Unplugged online film festival.  Thanks to your votes, this film one one of the ten best!

From the Culture Unplugged Studios Team (www.cultureunplugged.com)

We would like to thank you for your film submission to Culture
Unplugged and participating in “Humanity Explored”

We are happy to inform you that your film ‘Instructions to the Cook: A
Zen Master’s Recipe for Living a Life That Matters ‘ is selected among
the top ten films for Film-Maker’s Choice Award (best art). This group
of ten films for the mentioned award is selected by the public and
C.U. festival team. We have sent this 10 films to esteemed film-
makers /Producers / Social Scientist / Activists  across the globe.

They are:

Andrew Cohen (is an American guru, spiritual teacher, magazine editor,
author, and musician who has developed what he characterizes as a
unique path of spiritual transformation, called Evolutionary

Barrie Osborne (Producer, New Zealand, 7 times – Oscar winner),

Michael Peyser (Producer, Film Executive, and/or Professor of
Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California),

Elza Maalouf (Integral Insight Consulting Group),

Shekhar Kapoor (Film-maker/Director, India, Oscar Nominated 2007),

Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph. D(professor emeritus in the theoretical physics
department of the University of Oregon, pioneer of the new paradigm of
science called “science within consciousness),

Michal Levin (writer, spiritual teacher, and pioneer of her own
independently developed LEAP (Life Energy Activation Process)

Along with you we are anxiously awaiting to hear their voice and
receive the vote. We will be contacting you soon.
Our best wishes to you for this as well as future films.

on Behalf of,
Culture Unplugged Studios Team

Promote Films. Promote Consciousness.

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