This article is part of a series of articles written about a Holy Week 2011 Street Retreat, which took place in New York City. This retreat commemorated the 20th Anniversary of the first Zen Peacemakers street retreat, also in New York.  Zen Master Bernie Glassman invited several longtime students and companions to the retreat to become recognized as Senseis and Dharma Holders. Read bios and reflections of retreat participants. Read explanation of ceremony by Bernie Glassman. See more retreat pictures by Peter Cunningham.

Roshi Bernie Tetsugen Glassman invited me as a Sufi student to join the Zen Peacemaker circle in Paris.  I began to attend the circle more and more frequently.   He appeared to prefer to be a peer to all of us in the Paris Peacemaker Circle.  The teacher student relationship grew over time.  Zen Peacemakers practice with ever new upayas (skillful means) enriched my life.

Every plunge into Not-Knowing opened my heart and encouraged me to act and to learn. The invitation for the Street Retreat in New York with long time friends was an honor and a highlight of my life.  I feel the bliss of love, and warmed by the intimate sense of an every growing and opening family that is all-inclusive.

Appreciatory Haiku To Roshi Bernie following the twentieth anniversary of the first New York City Street Retreat:

Twelve juniors,

one elder in the circle;

warmth and love – recognition

Old master, subtle wisdom;

opening doors;

our true Selves unfolding –

Easter- rising

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