Dear Friends,

Cornelius Collende

It’s been a while since we sent our last report in English.
We have several exciting and positive (!) developments to share but have not been able to make the time to properly write them down.

Hopefully we will do that soon. Untill then through this video we would like to share with you one of our recent actiivities.

In the past yeat we have conducted several “Dharma Tours” to the occupied Palestinian Territories. On these tours particiapnts get exposed to different aspects of how Israeli millitary control affects many aspects of life of Palestinians.

There are several groups and organisations offering such tours. What characterises our tours is that we aim to conduct them as an integral part of Dharma practice: Coming in touch with a very painful reality of injustice triggers a host of responses. As Israelis, facing the pain and anger of Palestinains who condem Israel for what it does is not a simple task. Seeing the extent of the power difference between the forces which spread hostility to those who try to build peace, one easily can fall into despair.
It is a challenge to stay open, compassionate and non reactive in these situations.

So on our tours we take care to remind particiapnts to be aware of their inner attitudes while they see and hear unsettling information. We make sure that the language we use does not promote ill-will and encourages people to sray with an open heart. And we devote a significant part of the day so that people can reflect, share and find support.

6 weeks ago we led a tour to the area of Wadi Qana, half way between Tel Aviv and Nablus. Nearly 50 people joined us, many of them Dharma practitioners for whom it was the first time to engage in such a “political” tour.
A reporter from the “Social TV” (an independent web-site that reports on various social issues) came with us and made a nice video of the day. He didn’t include our references to the inner world nor the time we devoted for reflection.
Still, we are very happy with the video. As the Social TV made the extra effort to include English subtitles we are able to share the video with you.

As always, you are very welcome to share this video with friends and practitioners who might find it interesting.
And we will be very happy for any feedback you may have.

Aviv and the Israel engaged Dharma group

5 Responses

  1. I’m saddened that you’ve turned the Dharma into a club with which to bludgeon Israel.

    There is always more than one side to a story. You’d adopted the Palestinian narrative so thoroughly that there is no room left for another perspective. Sad…

    1. Dear Len,
      Please write your narrative on the situation. Just complaining about other’s narratives isn’t enough.

      1. Dear Bernie,

        When I did that for Aviv’s last anti-Israel diatribe, my comments were deleted. It would be nice if your blog’s staff supported balance reporting.

        With blessings,


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