Grounded in a whole-person approach, which we call PathMaking, Greyston Foundation, a pioneer in social enterprise, creates jobs and provides integrated programs for individuals and their families to move forward on their path to self-sufficiency.

Greyston Mandala

All of Greyston’s interconnected programs, services, all of its employees, tenants, and program- clients.


It is both a guiding philosophy and a program at Greyston. The PathMaking philosophy is our belief that individuals can be supported to achieve “wholeness” (self-sufficiency) that comes from having a well-balanced, satisfying and integrated personal, spiritual and professional life. The PathMaking program at Greyston provides direction, support and referrals, to all members of the Greyston Mandala- employees, clients, and the board, in the areas of personal and professional development and organizational success.

Spirituality at Greyston

We understand that we all are connected to one another, have responsibility for each other, and for ourselves; there are ways of being in the world that can help ourselves and others.


We believe that our openness is our authentic willingness to include and accept all others in a non-judgmental way, while holding ourselves and others accountable. We understand that we are all connected and have responsibility for respecting and acknowledging one another. We welcome innovation and accept the existence of endless possibilities.


We believe in loving-action as a practical application, creating the conditions for others to become empowered, approaching all persons with compassion and all situations with integrity and commitment to do the right thing.


We believe that our acceptance of others where they are, followed by right action, will lead to growth and positive change in the evolution of individuals, programs and communities.


Is the first tenet of the Zen Peacemakers. Not-Knowing is entering a situation without being attached to any opinion, idea or concept. This means total openness to the situation.

Bearing Witness

We bear witness to the joy and suffering that we encounter. Rather than observing the situation, we become the situation. We became intimate with whatever it is – disease, war, poverty, death. When you bear witness you’re simply there, you don’t run away.

Loving Action

Is an action that arises naturally when one enters a situation in the state of not-knowing and then bears witness to that situation.

It has nothing to do with one’s opinions or another’s opinions as to whether it is loving action or not.

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