Teachings of the Earth: Zen and the Environment

by John Daido Loori (Author)

According to Zen teaching, everything in the universe exists interdependently, so valuing the welfare of one being over another, or of humans over the planet, makes no sense at all. This teaching, which can empower us to care passionately about the earth and its future, is not only a Zen principle, it’s something that comes up for anyone who carefully investigates the nature of reality. It’s a lesson found everywhere we look in nature. And the idea is also found in writings by figures as diverse as Lao Tzu, Walt Whitman, Hermann Hesse, and Henry David Thoreau. John Daido Loori reveals the underlying environmental ethic animating these teachings and shows how it can be a wellspring for our appreciation of the earth in the new millennium.

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Teachings of the Earth: Zen and the Environment


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