Anne Waldman

Lainey Guddat reported today in theThe Daily Evergreen, from Pullman, Washington on a talk given by beat poet Anne Waldman last Thursday. Waldman discussed the intersection of Buddhism and neuroscience as well as political issues including same-sex marriage Sarah Palin’s incompetence.

At the Symposium for Western Socially Engaged Buddhism, Waldman is scheduled to sit on the Arts and Media panel along with internet media consultant Richard Landry and fine artist and anti-nuclear activist Mayumi Oda. The panel will be chaired by James Shaheen, Tricycle Magazine editor. Like all traditional media, Tricycle is in the process of expanding to include online content and community building. Contemplating Waldman’s comments about language, Guddat, herself a student of Washington State University suggests that

“The energy of contact through language is a way to manifest our imaginations, our fears, our hopes and passions. Our generation’s obsession with online media:blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, you name it is evidence of the continued need to make these language connections.”

The uses, dangers and limitations of online media for Socially Engaged Buddhism will be the focus of the next issue Bearing Witness, the Zen Peacemakers’ monthly newsletter.

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