“While children zip around the Northeastern rural property, adults mingle and serve up heaping portions of macaroni and cheese and colorful salads,” says yesterday’s article covering The Montague Farm Zen House from Civil Eats, a group dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture and food systems.  Read the full article or check out the following excerpts:

More than anything, the scene resembles a small-town fair. But it is simply another night at the Montague Farm Café. The free dinner is hosted by the Buddhist Montague Farm Zen House in Montague, Massachusetts, as part of the group’s efforts to promote sustainable food and health…

The specter of hunger hovers in the consciousness of Werner and Montague Farm residents. Nearly a third of the families in the Zen house’s area experience food insecurity, meaning that they do not always have access to or money for enough nutritious and safe food. Montague Farm provides transportation to their dinners for less affluent folk, who may not have the resources to drive into the country—or prepare organic, local fare. With the meals, “there’s an idea that everyone bears witness to experiences outside our own. We offer a space to serve with love and dignity,” Werner says.

Religion and farming are seldom closely associated in our minds, but historically, strong ties unite Buddhism and working the land.

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