The Three Treasures, The Three Tenets, The Ten Practices, The Four Commitments and The Bodhisattva Vow serve as the foundation for the Zen Peacemaker work and practice. One may pursue their study with a teacher and/preceptor.


Three Treasures of a Zen Peacemaker

Recognizing my place in the Circle of Life, I take refuge in:


Three Tenets of a Zen Peacemaker

Taking refuge in The Three Treasures, I vow to live a life of:


Ten Precepts of a Zen Peacemaker

Embodying The Three Tenets, I practice these Precepts:

  1. Recognizing that I am not separate from all that is. This is the precept of Non-Killing.
  2. Being satisfied with what I have. This is the precept of Non-Stealing.
  3. Meeting the diversity of life with respect and dignity. This is the precept of Chaste Conduct.
  4. Listening and speaking from the heart. This is the precept of Non-Lying.
  5. Cultivating a mind that sees clearly. This is the precept of Not Being Ignorant.
  6. Bearing witness to the offering of each moment. This is the precept of Not Talking About Others’ Errors And Faults.
  7. Speaking what I perceive to be the truth. This is the precept of Not Elevating Myself And Blaming Others.
  8. Using all the ingredients of my life. This is the precept of Not Being Stingy.
  9. Bearing witness to emotions that arise. This is the precept of Not Holding On To Anger.
  10. Honoring my life as a Peacemaker. This is the precept of Not Disparaging The Three Treasures.


Four Commitments of a Zen Peacemaker

Living The Ten Precepts I commit to:

  1. A reverence for all  life;
  2. A sustainable and ethical economy;
  3. Equal rights for all;
  4. Stewardship of the Earth.


The Bodhisattva Vows

Numberless beings, I vow to serve them.

Inexhaustible delusions, I vow to end them.

Boundless Dharmas, I vow to practice them.

Unsurpassable Buddha Way, I vow to embody it.

3 Responses

  1. Taking Refuge in Three Treasures

    May I offer a footnote by way of Thanksgiving?

    Since the first tenet is hyphenated (Not-Knowing) alsi, should not all three tenets be hyphenated? Since both Dharma & Sangha flow consistently only from Buddha, and vice-versa in a perfect circle of mirrors, waters, peoples, et al, then you might consider:


    In addition, there was considerable debate and differences of opinion as to best words or ‘most-zen-peace-making” phrase to apply to the “translation” of tenet three Sangha (community) from the earliest days of the founding of ZPO. At first. Loving action or practice was agrred upon by a majority, then Healing Myself & Others. Now it is Taking. All three of these choices naturally have very American biases and sounds already built into them, since they were resoectively preferred from within an American world view, prevalent at the time of institutional development. A community of any size or dimension, it seems to me, is a taking and ,giving, receiving and seeking meaningful Action. A sangha is a very personal and veryplanetary thing. A workd. Like a family. Or an extended family. What would U want for your workd? Your family? I want my family my wotld to be loving. More loving in healthy, interdependent ways. A family or a world community of any size is Loving—Action by
    Not. —- Knowing.
    Bearing. — Witness
    Loving. — Action

    Just my opinion, what do U think, have to say & do? I give thanks on Black Friday for these 3 Treasures & the Zen Peace-Making Otder. In loving memory of Bernie Glassman.

  2. Hello.
    My name is Darren Tayloe. I am a homeless man staying at a shelter in Winston-Salem, Norh Carolina. I just read through your Rule and precepts page on the Zen Peacemakers website and wanted to let you know that I am in agreement with all that was there. I realize that I may be unable to offer much to your group, but I am reaching out with the hope that I could possibly find someone who may be interested in correspondence, either through email or phone call, so that I can have interaction with someone who shares these precepts and who might be able to help me learn and grow more in understanding and applying these precepts. If anyone is interested, you can contact me via email at or you can call be between the hours of 6am-6pm Eastern Standard Time on my cell phone at the following number: (336)655-3503

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