Trauma, Survival, and Making Peace Written by Eve Marko with Bernie Glassman

           Eve’s mother is 86 years old. In her long life she survived the destruction of most of the Jews in Bratislava, in what is present-day Slovakia, immigrated illegally to Israel with a 3 year-old nephew whose mother had been killed at Auschwitz, fought in Israel’s War of Independence a year […]

Reflections of Malgosia Braunek by Marzena Rey

As the message of Malgosia’s death reached me on Monday, June 23, I was returning home to Germany from San Diego, planning to go see Malgosia in a few days in Warsaw. I had just received Dharma Transmission from my teacher, Nicolee Jikyo Mc Mahon Roshi, in California on June 20, and I had been very sad not to be able to be with Malgosia in the hospital and also sad that she could not be present at my transmission. But she had written to me, “Too bad it is so far and yet so close. I love you.“ and no more words were needed.

Reflections on Malgosia Braunek by Catherine Pagès

My Dharma sister, Malgosia Jiho Braunek, died in Poland the 23rd of June after a long illness. One week earlier, when I learned she was in palliative care, I flew to Warsaw to spend time with her and her family. ‎

Reflections of Malgosia Braunek by Damian Dudkiewicz

Dear Malgosia, my dearest friend and Teacher.

You are my continuous inspiration . Thank you that you showed me how to combine spiritual practice with being an artist, open to every moment of creation, every person , every being.

Glimpses of Malgosia Braunek by Eve Marko

I feel I had but glimpses of her. No experience of the movie actor (though I heard a lot about it), the daughter, the wife, the mother, the grandmother, or even for that matter the Zen teacher, though I sat with her in the Kanzeon zendo behind the family home in Warsaw. Yes, faint pictures of her bending over a pot of soup on the kitchen stove while we waited at the table, looking up with a brief, inquisitive smile as her daughter Orinka came in. There were a few meals at Krakow and Warsaw restaurants, and one memory of her at a hotel in Kazimierz Dolny wearing a long red dress and the hotel owner bent low over her outstretched hand as though she was royalty, which at times it felt she was.

Małgorzata Braunek Leaves this Plane of Existence

Małgorzata Braunek (30 January 1947 – 23 June 2014) was a Polish film and stage actress. In 1969 she graduated at Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Warsaw.

She began the practice of Korean Zen with Master Dae San Sa Nim in 1979. Since 1983 has practiced with Genpo roshi, who since 1986, has been her main teacher.

Reflections on Rwanda (2): Bearing Witness by Russell Delman April 2014

RWANDA. “…The bits of clothing and tufts of hair make this so indelibly real. The idea is to make the reality undeniable. As with the German holocaust, there are those who will deny or minimize the horror. We must create conditions so that humanity never forgets that this is possible.”

Reflections on Rwanda (3): Living with a Broken-Open Heart by Russell Delman

Recently I heard this story: A woman’s son is killed. The killer is convicted and sent to prison for a 10-25 year sentence. The distraught mother visits the man in prison trying to make sense of how he could do such a thing. After numerous visits, the woman’s heart softens to the man. She eventually […]