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A Zen Peacemaker House that welcomes everyone

Gather, a project of Bread Loaf Mountain Zen Community, lets go of labels and welcomes everyone. It is a community living room where people of different backgrounds and interests meet. Our core practice is neighborliness, grounded in the Three Tenets of Not Knowing, Bearing Witness, and Healing Action. We address the epidemic of loneliness. Through the practice of "hanging out," we create a place where people get to know each other as whole human beings, not as clients, customers, or those in need. We breakdown the helper-helped, insider-outsider dualisms and instead offer the oneness of neighbors, a practice of togetherness, and a commitment to mutual wellbeing. 

Project Launch Date: فبراير 14, 2023
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For more information: joshin@breadloafmountainzen.org
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