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The Cassiopeia Schooner Project
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The Cassiopeia Schooner Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corp. created to build and operate fleets of six wooden schooners for humanitarian purposes.

The Cassiopeia Schooner Project Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created to build and operate fleets of six wooden schooners for humanitarian purposes. The fleets are to be sailed around the world promoting peace between each other and our planet. Our multifaceted goals focus on environmental concerns at sea and ashore, along with addressing social justice, health, global equity, education, and economic empowerment. By sailing into the bays of economically challenged coastal communities bringing relief supplies and skilled individuals, the physical presence of the fleets and their crews will provide on the ground solutions for environmental and social issues. Collaborating with the existing local charitable and indigenous organizations, we can enhance the effects of their endeavors in a profound way. Six vessels with doctors, builders, marine biologist, agricultural experts, circus entertainers etc., will provide a unique and multi-faceted approach for creating well-being. Supplemented by other boaters and international travelers, we will have an effective boots on the ground strategy. With live feeds at sea and on shore, we will create awareness and support from millions of digital followers. Both at sea and ashore we will focus on spreading awareness of the plight of our oceans and environmental concerns ashore. Presenting real solutions unfolding live on social media, we can empower a global audience to participate in helping others in a unique way

Project Launch Date: يونيو 4, 2020
How can people help? They can virtually join our facebook group, they can physically join the vessel as crew, and they can donate to our crowdfund
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