Leaving Prison Behind: A Council Before I Go

by Jared Seide (Author)

Leaving Prison Behind: A Council Before I Go is an illustrated novella created from the words and stories of system-impacted individuals, and those who support them. The book grew out of the work of nonprofit organization Center for Council with the intention of supporting and resourcing incarcerated individuals preparing themselves for the journey home. Some will recognize the practice of council that the characters enact in this story — and others will encounter it for the first time. Along with the story of the last night of our protagonist’s incarceration the book includes a robust resource section with ideas, references and practices intended to be of support in the preparation for the journey that lies ahead.

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Leaving Prison Behind: A Council Before I Go

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The journey home from prison is a lot longer and more challenging than the bus ride back to the neighborhood.

Finding the way to freedom after incarceration can feel like an obstacle course. Locating housing and employment, overcoming old habits and facing new challenges, the stigma of being an “ex-offender,” and the repair and renewal of supportive and healthy relationships with families and friends can be overwhelming

Ray knows that the path to freedom has to start before those first steps outside the electrified double fence. He’s done some work on himself and learned some powerful tools inside, through life skills and self-help programs. Tonight, alone in his cell, his journey to freedom begins.

Join Ray as he invites the most important people from his life to speak with him in a Council circle. He will call in the voices of friends and family who have powerful stories, reflections, and resources to offer. What they have to share will open Ray’s heart and provide the nourishment and support he needs to step into the next chapter of his life—and truly leave prison behind.


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