Arising to the Interconnectedness of Life? A Buddhist Perspective on the Occupy Movement

Indra’s Net and the Internet: Arising to the Interconnectedness of Life Buddha means the “awakened one.” Awakened to what? The definition of Enlightenment in Buddhism is awakening to the interconnectedness of life. This is illustrated through the story of Indra’s Net from the Avatamsaka Sutra. A long time ago, in a far away place, there […]

Uniting the 100%: The Consciousness Comittee of Occupy Wall Street

Saturday, October 8 After leading a noon Meditation Flash Mob at “Liberty Plaza,” the center of Occupy Wall Street, a group ranging from 22 to 27 people skipped a giant Washington Square Park rally to come together in a quiet, grassy spot in Battery Park to continue developing a committee committed to maintaining “conscious”, “sacred” […]

Occupy Wall Street: Arising or Uprising? What do you think

  “Every airport we pass through today, at Hartford, CT, Washington D.C. and Frankfurt, Germany” I told Bernie on our way to Europe “has an Occupy event happening.” When we arrived in Heidelberg, Bernie asked our host whether they had one.  They didn’t but 30 locations in Germany did.  She mentioned this when introducing him, […]