Order of Disorder


The Origin of Od

Not long after the first ancestors came down from the trees, the First Matriarch of Mirth (the early Patriarchs were not funny) discovered that when she tripped over her tail, the faces of all broke open, and a delightful feeling ascended their bodies. Soon she harnessed the power of tripping over her tail on purpose, and all hell broke loose. Laughter is the deepest homage to the Disorder that underlies all.Thus did it all begin, and the river has flowed continuously to us, with a slight detour in Hoboken. Different streams have branched off that one river, such as the one that spawned the twirling of a flower on Vulture Peak, which made Mahakasyapa giggle and started a whole mess of trouble. But the stream is all encompassing and includes each of us, completely. How can anyone stand outside of disorder? Try finding your car keys on a Monday morning, or if you can do that, try to remember where you parked. See what I mean? Disorder!

Precepts of the Order of Disorder


TheThree Treasures-

The Three Tenets-
Not even not knowing
Just wait
Belly laughter

The Ten Guidelines
1. Don’t kill anything by taking it seriously
2. Don’t steal anything unless you can get away with it (and you can’t)
3. Don’t worry about promiscuity; no one would look twice at you- you clown
4. Don’t lie by pretending to know anything
5. Forget about intoxicants, you are already a mess
6. Laugh at yourself at least as often as you laugh at others
7. If someone makes a fool of themselves, pay your respects and join in the fun
8. If you can, smile. If possible, giggle. Whenever there is a chance, laugh with all your might.
9. Have fun.
10. Don’t laugh at Bernie, Yoowho, or Kuku….

Stumble Into The
Order Of Disorder