Spiritual Directors and Faculty

The Order’s spiritual director is Rev. Sensei Jorge Koho Mello. 

The Zen Peacemakers is governed by Five Buddha Family Seatholders: Jorge Koho Mello, Jitsujo Gauthier, Iris Dotan Katz, Martin Pradel, and Geoff Shoun O’Keeffe.

It also includes senior teachers and practitioners who joined the Zen Peacemaker Order years ago, many of whom worked directly with Roshi Bernie Glassman. This group has shepherded the revitalization of ZPO and will serve as faculty, delivering talks and teachings to members.


Jorge Koho Mello, Sensei

ZPO Spiritual Director

Jorge Koho Mello Sensei is Brazilian, serving as a social and environmental educator and activist on regenerative culture for many years. His primary focus has been on the practical aspects of socially engaged spirituality, a simpler lifestyle, and solidarity economics. Therapist with a systemic approach while, serves as a facilitator at the "Gaia Education" Program. He is ordained in the Soto Zen tradition by Coen Souza Rōshi (2008, Brazil), Shusso by Junnyu Kuroda Rōshi (2019, Japan), and Sensei at ZPO by Barbara Salaam Wegmüller Rōshi (2018, Switzerland). Koho have experiences as Street Retreat leader (authorized by Genro Roshi) and as participant/buddhist officiant at Auschwitz-Birkenau BW retreat. He currently practices with orientations of Tenkei Coppens Rōshi (Holland) and coordinates Zürich Zen Center with his wife, Marge Daien Oppliger.

Geoff Beijing copy
Geoff Shōun O'Keeffe
ZPI Executive Director / ZPO Five Buddha Seatholder

Geoff Shōun is a Dharma Holder and has been practicing in the White Plum lineage since his first introduction at ZCLA in 1975. With his family, he lived and practiced at ZCLA from 1984-'86, studied with Joko Beck in San Diego into the early 90's, and has been a student of Gerry Shishin Wick, Roshi, Roshi Ilia Shinko Perez of Great Mountain Zen Center and Paul Gyodo Agostinelli, Sensei of Eon Zen Center, near Boulder Colorado. Shōun has three adult children and three grandchildren. He has been the Zen Peacemakers Executive Director since early 2020.