thereby giving up fixed ideas about ourselves and the universe



to the joy and suffering of the world


that arises from Not-Knowing and Bearing Witness


OUR MISSION is to support, inspire, train and mobilize a world-wide movement of members and affiliates conducting humanitarian, peace-building, social and civic action based on the Zen Peacemakers’ Three Tenets: Not Knowing, Bearing Witness and Taking Action.

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MEET. COLLABORATE. SUPPORT. TRAIN. LEARN. PARTICIPATE. ORGANIZE. MOBILIZE. JOIN our dedicated online platform to connect, learn, collaborate and organize with members from the countries above and around the world; or create an affiliate group and benefit from a unique platform and outreach package designed to help you attract participants, members or collaborators to your projects.

“The whole Zen Peacemakers International community has been extremely helpful‚Äď a crucial resource as I was setting up this retreat. I had so much support through our online groups, emails and meetings. It really changed everything. “

¬†— Mikko Rakushin Ij√§s, Finland
Member, organizer of Helsinki Street Retreat 2017


GO ON¬†OUR BEARING WITNESS AND SERVICE PROGRAMS. Originally conceived by Zen Peacemakers and rooted in the Three Tenets, these unique events bear witness to specific and collective expressions of human suffering. Sensitive to the nuances of the cultures and geographic locations in which they take place, bearing witness programs reveal the universality of human experience — our interconnection.


READ THE ZEN PEACEMAKERS JOURNAL — Our online publication features fresh, original content written and curated by our staff.¬† It covers dharma talks and reflections from our leaders as well as the creative and exciting actions with which we and our members bring the Three Tenets to life around the world to address¬†Climate Change, Refugees, Homelessness, Gender/Racial/Religious discrimination and the many other needs of today.

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We are continuing a long, spiritually-based, cutting-edge, socially-innovative legacy, co-founded by Zen Masters Bernie Glassman and Sandra Holmes, and developed by diverse and vibrant leaders around the world.


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“When we see the world as one body, it’s obvious that we heal everyone at the same time that we heal ourselves, for there are no ‘others’.”

– Bernie Glassman, Co-founder of Zen Peacemakers