Indra’s Net

When we realize that we are all bright pearls in Indra’s Net, we see that within each one of us the whole body of the universe is contained. Since we are all already connected in Indra’s Net, there are no limits to the possibilities of connecting with other people in our lives and our work.

NPR Interview of Bernie Glassman, 2014

  Host: And now for a fuller picture of Zen Buddhism, we turn to the man known as the grandfather of socially engaged Buddhism, Bernie Glassman. He says Zen Buddhism is indeed focused on looking inward, but it’s also about helping the world around you. He’s been a practicing Zen Buddhist for nearly sixty years. […]

NPR Interview with Peter Matthiessen, 1989

TERRY GROSS, HOST: This is FRESH AIR. The publication of Peter Matthiessen’s final novel “In Paradise” is coinciding with his obituary. He died Saturday at the age of 86. We’re going to listen back to an excerpt of my interview with him. Matthiessen was a naturalist, as well as writer, and his fiction and nonfiction […]

Three Tenets Koans

Koans based on the Zen Peacemakers Three Tenets: Not Knowing, Bearing Witness and Taking Action.

Bernie Glassman Sees No Boundaries- Interview with Shambhala Sun

YONKERS, NEW YORK, USA. In the inner city of Yonkers, New York, Roshi Bernard Glassman has a big vision, big ambition and a big vow to help all beings in need. If his audacious experiment works, he hopes (with a smile) it will replicate all over the universe.

Bernie Glassman Dharma Talk: Forgiveness

by Bernie Glassman In thinking about the possibility for forgiveness, my first thought was that I don’t have the power to forgive anyone; in fact, it’s hubris for me to think that I can forgive someone else. At the same time, as a Zen Buddhist teacher, I believe that we are all one body, that […]

 Harvard Divinity School Lectures (Fall 2007) Lecture 3 – Bearing Witness

by Roshi Bernie Glassman given on October 1, 2007We will start with the beginning of the”Home Street Home” video to open up your questions. (video..) Let’s use the energy of this film! Does anyone want to say or ask anything? Did anything come up for you? Student: There is not much writing by spiritual teachers […]

The Gift of Fearlessness

by Roshi Eve Myonen Marko (From a talk given on the Dana Paramita on September 12, 2009.) Recently I read a brief talk by Sharon Salzberg, in which she said, “There is always trauma in the room.” You don’t have to be a war veteran or a survivor of abuse, trauma is in the room. […]