An American Zen Master has died: An oral history of Roshi Bernie Glassman

By Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor, CNN Religion Editor Updated 5:16 PM EST, Thu December 6, 2018 CNN —  One of Bernie Glassman’s favorite koans asks: Where do you step from the top of a 100-foot pole? His answer seemed to be: You plunge. Glassman, who died November 4 at age 79, was a Brooklyn-born Jew, a […]

Bernie Glassman Passes Away

Except: Originally Published in TRICYCLE (November 4, 2018) The influential Buddhist teacher was a pioneer of Zen in the West who blended his spiritual practice with a passion for social activism. The influential Zen teacher and activist Roshi Tetsugen Bernie Glassman died Sunday morning in Massachusetts. He was 79. The Zen Peacemakers, a global organization integrating […]

The End

    The end begins on a sunny day at Shea Stadium, the Spring of 1972, the bosses secretary liked me, offered me two tickets or Saturday afternoon, a Mets game. I loved the idea of taking my father, the opportunity to return a gift, symbolically, a token of appreciation for some of the most […]

Native Americans fight for items looted from bodies at Wounded Knee

Peace offerings of tobacco ties adorn the fence at the Wounded Knee Memorial on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota on Oct. 20, 2014. (Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post) By Dana Hedgpeth July 17, 2022 Getting them returned from an obscure museum outside Boston hasn’t been easy for the descendants of those slain during the 1890 […]

The Lotus Institute, 501(c)(3)

What is your mission? We offer teachings, practice and guidance that nurture a healthy and resilient body and mind. During an in-person retreat, an online event, or a course in our Academy, you may see us blending Buddhist practices with trauma-informed teachings and research in neuroscience and psychology. This transformative work also involves play and […]

The Palermo Birthday Pilgrimage, April 13-20, 2022

After the spontaneously planned US trip to a Zen sesshin and a subsequent street retreat around my 70th birthday did not work out (too many imponderables, also because of COVID), I was looking for a place with a strong statement. And that’s what Palermo gives! I expressed with this choice: my fundamental love for Sicily […]

Clear View Project

What is your mission? Providing Buddhist-based training for social change and direct relief around the world and in the U.S. based on ongoing relationships with common ties and organizations in need. Where is your organization based? Headquarters in Berkeley, CA How many regular members do you serve? 8000,000,000 Tell us a bit about how the […]

Tiffany’s Recovery Inc: Dharma Outreach Project

To strengthen our planetary network, ZPI will feature newly affiliated groups. Join us here on the Hive to explore some of the offerings of the organizations affiliated with ZPI. Introducing a new ZPI affiliate group:   What is your mission? Build lasting connections with people in recovery from substance abuse addictions. Offer continuous support, resources, […]

Zen Is Nothing Other Than The Ethical Life

In some circles Zen is viewed with suspicion. What solid ethical foundation can there be to this radical take on spirituality, which pulls the rug out from under our certainties? Leaving us nothing to hold on to, is Zen a morally neutral zone – where anything goes? At the same time, throughout the liturgy we […]

The Hill We Climb

When day comes, we ask ourselves, where can we find light in this never-ending shade? The loss we carry. A sea we must wade. We braved the belly of the beast. We’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peace, and the norms and notions of what “just” is isn’t always justice. And yet the dawn is […]