Beloved Community

Beloved Community


Into the circle of all beings we have come

With sunshine and tree and raven and coyote and deer and rabbit and stars

And precious moonlight.


May our feet walk gently in the sands of time

Echoing purpose and peace and creative caring throughout this land of dreams.

Beloved community

Our hearts’ greatest desire

Our human birthright our destiny in every moment.

It lives in our bones and minds as if a dream deferred.


And yet, here we are, now

Touching and being touched by its true presence.


Celebrate this moment, this gathering of working dreams


I join my hands and pray that all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas

Throughout space and time

Rise up from the earth at this precious hour.

May these sacred energies bless us with boundless love

and awaken within us our very best selves,

So we may sing the songs of men and women who have come  through the mists of ignorance.

May the cup of compassion within our hearts pour out

covering the whole earth, near and far away.

May the nectar of kindness touch our lips as we speak

May we find in ourselves the vast blue sky of inclusiveness

And may our hands turn the wheel of time toward a more just world.

A more beautiful world, a world worthy of our holy lives.


April 2015 Columbus Ohio Retreat (Royal Ease:  Liberation through Understanding)  4/09/15  Public Talk UU

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Beloved Community

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