Walking with Sequoias – Bearing Witness to Devastation

Together we will bear witness– experiencing the wonder of life, staying with present with an open heart, cultivating compassion, developing the courage to grieve, and igniting the will to address the perilous course of ecological decline.

Introduction to Meditation Core Trainings with Lisa Gakyo Schaewe

July 10, 2023 We will offer a basic, introductory training in meditation, unattached to any specific tradition, that participants can put into personal practice immediately. It has been said, “Stillness answers every question.” Let’s explore that together. This class can be taken multiple times.

Introduction to the Three Tenets with Grant Couch

11 September 2023 I will embody Not Knowing, thereby giving up fixed ideas. I will Bear Witness, opening my heart to the joy and suffering of life. I will take Loving Action arising out of not-knowing and bearing witness.

The Art of Appreciative Attention

John Brehm, author of Dharma Talk (Wisdom Publications, 2023) proposes a new way of reading poetry, one where our primary intention is to find greater intimacy with the poem rather than greater understanding of it. Just as a person will relax and come alive when they feel truly seen, poems begin to glow in the light […]