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Veteran - Civilian Healing Retreat for Healing Moral Wounding
Veterans and Civilians are led through process and ritual allowing Veterans to tell the story of their moral wounding. The responsibility taking of the Civilians ending the Veterans experience of being split-off. There is a lightening of PTSD symptoms as a result.

Our core value is to respectfully listen and receive each other without critique, judgment, analysis or diagnosis. Our non-sectarian program welcomes participants without regard for race, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. Our mission is to provide a guided healing experience for the warrior and civilians worlds. When the civilian respectfully listens to and receives the warrior experience, trust and belonging are rebuilt. The result is warriors feels heard and accepted. Civilians feel the depth of the impact their presence has made. Warriors feel they are finally back home and civilians feel they have done their duty for their warriors.

Project Launch Date: januari 1, 2015
How can people help? Please register for our yearly retreat. Veterans and civilians are invited. See our website for more information
For more information: information@elderwarrior.com
Video afspelen over Taking Action
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