ZPO Rule

The Three Treasures, Three Tenets, the Ten Practices and the Five Commitments serve as the foundation for the Zen Peacemaker Order’s work and practice. They underlie our commitment to broad-based inclusivity, service, multi-faith celebrations and communion, and to a lifelong peacemaking path that integrates work, training and practice.

Three Treasures of a Zen Peacemaker

Inviting all creations into the mandala of my practice and vowing to serve them, I take refuge in:

  • Oneness: the awakened nature of all beings
  • Diversity: the ocean of wisdom and compassion
  • Harmony: the interdependence of all creations

Three Tenets of a Zen Peacemaker

Taking refuge and entering the stream of Engaged Spirituality, I vow to live a life of:

  • Not-knowing, thereby giving up fixed ideas about ourselves and the universe
  • Bearing witness to the joy and suffering of the world
  • Loving actions towards ourselves and others

Ten Practices of a Zen Peacemaker

Being Mindful of the interdependence of Oneness and Diversity, and wishing to actualize my vows, I engage in the spiritual practices of:

  1. Recognizing that I am not separate from all that is. This is the precept of Non-Killing.
  2. Being satisfied with what I have. This is the precept of Non-Stealing.
  3. Encountering all creations with respect and dignity. This is the precept of Chaste Conduct.
  4. Listening and speaking from the heart. This is the precept of Non-Lying.
  5. Cultivating a mind that sees clearly. This is the precept of Not Being Ignorant.
  6. Unconditionally accepting what each moment has to offer. This is the precept of Not Talking About Others Errors And Faults.
  7. Speaking what I perceive to be the truth without guilt or blame. This is the precept of Not Elevating Oneself And Blaming Others.
  8. Using all of the ingredients of my life. This is the precept of Not Being Stingy.
  9. Transforming suffering into wisdom. This is the precept of Not Being Angry.
  10. Honoring my life as an instrument of peacemaking. This is the precept of Not Thinking Ill of the Three Treasures.

Five Commitments of a Zen Peacemaker

I commit myself to a culture of

  1. Nonviolence and reverence for life;
  2. Solidarity and a just economic order;
  3. Tolerance and a life based on truthfulness
  4. Equal rights and partnership between men and women
  5. Stewardship of the Earth.