Support Us in Our 2019 End-of-year Fundraising Campaign

2019 has already reached its last quarter after a full and rich year of practice and action. Thank you for taking part in, and adding your attention and care to, the organization’s efforts in supporting our community of Peacemakers. As we move into 2020,  we invite you to support us in our end-of-year donation drive, as your help truly makes a difference. Here are some highlights from the past year:

  • It began celebrating the life of Roshi Bernie Glassman in Yonkers, New York, USA where hundreds came to honor his legacy and heart
  • In a further reflection of this past year’s events was the May 2019 Buddhafest. Its opening night was dedicated to ZPI’s founder Bernie Glassman with presenters such as Roshis Joan Halifax, Fleet Maull, Enkyo Ohara, Moshe Cohen, myself and many others. All proceeds from that evening were graciously donated to ZPI.
  • Diversifying our language: A new homepage in German has launched. This offering is another effort for Zen Peacemakers International to better serve an international network, rich with different cultures and needs. 
  • The July 2019 Native American Bearing Witness plunge was the fourth program with the Lakhota community
  • Since then, ZPI supported the coming of two educators from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe reservation for professional development and relationship building with a school in Staten Island, founded by Roshi Ken Byalin, a successor of Bernie. Our effort to support the Lakhota school will continue as we plan the plunge for next year.
  • In November, we hold the 23rd Bearing Witness retreat in Auschwitz with a projected eighty participants from around the world.
  • Coming up in December, in collaboration with ZPI affiliate One World In Dialogue, ZPI will co-host a 24-hour meditation/prayer vigil “Belonging to Earth” in support of the climate awareness movement. Donations will be offered directly to indigenous communities in the Amazon as well as to Global ecology advocacy organizations. Stay tuned for more.
  • Nearly 1600 members have joined the ZPI community world-wide. Most notable were the many members that have participated, and even organized, Climate-related actions in the US and Europe, partnering with Extinction Rebellion and other Buddhist action groups.
  • We held the ‘Way of Council’ circles and meetings for members online on a variety of topics spanning climate issues, prison work, interfaith practice, street retreats, plunges and more. 
  • 103 events were offered on our membership platform, both from members and our affiliated groups’ network. 
  • ZPI is developing its partnership with Greyston Foundation, a ‘sibling’ organization founded by Bernie, to retain the shared wisdom and experience between the two organizations. 
  • We have now relocated to New York City welcoming Kayleigh Stack as our new staff assistant. 
Thank you for your practice and action this year. Please consider a donation in support of our continuous work in the world.

Zen Peacemakers International

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Support Us in Our 2019 End-of-year Fundraising Campaign

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